Contact Circle Of Love For Your Wedding Ceremony

You may have a religious wedding or may opt for a more civil arrangement, depending upon what is convenient for you. But irrespective of how the ceremony is like, there are a few events that remain the same. The first and foremost is the procession, this includes the bride walking down the aisle with her father. This also varies from religion to religion, in Judaism, the parents of the groom walk with him to the aisle. When the guest have seated, the officiant then begins the ceremony with greeting everyone. He then addresses the couple, telling them about the importance of the vows they are about to exchange, what is expected of them in an institution of marriage etc. after this the couple usually exchange vows. These vows are promises that husband and wife make to each other. The next thing is the exchange of rings and with that the officiant announces the two as husband and wife. With this the two share their first kiss after marriage. The ceremony ends with closing remarks and with this the guest move for the wedding reception.

All this is what happens at all weddings, but to make sure that within all these things your wedding turns out to be special, for that you would need services of Circle of Love. The way they plan and design weddings is surely phenomenal, for that you must see the weddings they have planned so far or get first-hand experience by hiring them for your own wedding. The stylists and planners at Circle of Love will guide you in choosing a particular style, the theme for the wedding, the color pallet and much more. In addition to these, coordinating all these things ensure that your wedding ceremony in Melbourne goes as per plan.

Their role or responsibility is not limited to planning the wedding only, but they also have a lot to do on the day of the wedding. They will greet your guests and will direct them to the right location. They will also give last minute brief to the videographers and photographers. The team at Circle of Love also coordinates with musicians who are there at the wedding to paly live music. They make sure that flowers girl are not too bust playing around that the moment if brides entry they are not to be found, so they arrange them in lines so that time is not wasted.

Wedding ceremonies can be held on beach, in gardens, indoors depending upon what interest you. For wedding ceremonies held indoors, you can book a church, or even a private hall. If you are wondering that how can one make a church wedding memorable, then you are completely wrong. Perhaps some of the most amazing décor by Circle of Love had been done at church and chapels, because these venues are like a blank canvas, allowing the stylist to do anything. If you want your venues to be in Byron bay, just click here.